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Escaping Toxic Religion


A Living Wisdom One Day Seminar by author, counsellor & speaker David J. Riddell

Length: 5 hours 4 minutes
Available as: Set of 4 CDs

When David began his career in pastoral Therapy, he expected many of his clients would be Christians wanting to be rid of the after-effects of trauma and abuse suffered prior to their conversion. However, what concerned him was finding that many Christians problems were being traced to teachings and experiences they had been subject to AFTER conversion.

These beliefs he labelled ‘toxic’ in so far as once they are taken on board, their effect is to confuse, paralyse, render dogmatic, or superstitious.

This Seminar covers Legalism, Fatalism, Christian ‘quick fixes’, Veneration of leaders, Blueprint guidance, Behaviourism etc. and point to the need to think clearly and carefully about what might be the way out of such religious baggage, without jeopardising genuine faith.

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Nelson based counsellor and speaker, David Riddell has spent his life searching for useful truth and disseminating it to the people of God. David is Founder and Dean of the Living Wisdom School, and over the past two decades, he and his wife Rosemary have travelled extensively running those Schools. They also operate the Living Wisdom College in Nelson, where students from all walks of life can live in for short term courses on a variety of mental, emotional and relational issues.